TẠP CHÍ DẦU KHÍ (số 10/2018)
An official Publication of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group


Petroleum Exploration & Production

Application of machine learning techniques in estimation of fracture porosity using fuzzy inference system for a FGB reservoir in Cuu Long basin, Vietnam.

Application of seismic attribute analysis to study fractured basement.

Predicting hydrocarbon migration and accumulation in Block 09-3/12, Cuu Long basin by 3D petroleum system modelling.

Maximising production in shale reservois.

Sources, mechanism and prediction method of scale formation in oil production in Vietnam.

Combining low frequency spectral decomposition and post-stack seismic inversion to identify Middle Miocene gas bearing sands at Hai Thach field

Petroleum Processing

KRES-ESTM revamp produces more ammonia from less natural gas by energy substitution.

Approaches to enhance the value of Ca Voi Xanh gas via its transformation into nanocarbon materials.

Petroleum Technologies & Structures

Stray current interference and mitigation for underground pipeline.

An official Publication of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group.

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