Impact of high CO2 content in natural gas
Most of the production of bulk chemicals like ammonia and methanol uses natural gas as feedstock and fuel. Especially the reforming process requires a high amount of energy and the chemical products are themselves energy, which makes the production of these molecules highly energy intensive. For these reasons, the CO2 emissions from methanol and especially ammonia production are significant.

CO2 is considered as a greenhouse gas (GHG) and with today’s fossil fuel consumption, the impacts on climate changes are apparently bigger than anticipated. At Haldor Topsoe, we work hard to improve plant efficiency by utilising the natural resources in the best and most efficient way.

What is the impact on the ammonia and methanol plants in case the natural gas contains more and more CO2?

This paper will go through how the CO2 can be utilised to produce methanol or ammonia, and also co-production of ammonia and methanol. It will show how the overall CO2 foot print can be reduced for the same production capacity.

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