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Major Projects

Vietnam Natural Oil and Gas Group has been implementing series of big-scaled, various and complicated gas projects to meet demand not only for electricity production industry but also for chemical, fertilizer, transportation and construction materials production industries. In 2009, Petrovietnam provided 7.9 billion cubic meters of dry gas, 67,000 tons of Condensate, nearly 260,000 tons of LPG for domestic consumption.

Operating projects

1. Cuu Long Basin Pipeline System

With diameter 16 inches, length 197 km and capacity 2 billion m3/year, the pipe line system has transporteoperational d associated gas from fields of Su Tu Den/Su Tu Vang-Rang Dong, Phuong Dong-Bach Ho, Ca Ngu Vang, etc. in Cuu Long Basin onshore to provide warm gas for Dinh Co Gas Processing Plant (GPP); and after being processed, dry gas is provided for Ba Ria, Phu My power plants, Phu My Fertilizer Plant and consumers.

2. Nam Con Son Gas Pipeline System

This is the world longest two-way pipeline which was built and operated at the end of 2002 with diameter of 26 inches, length of 370 km and capacity of 7 billion cubic metres of gas per year. The pipeline transports gas from Lan Tay gas field (Block 06.1), Rong Doi, Rong Doi Tay field (Block 11.2) in Nam Con Son basin onshore at Long Hai (Long Dien district, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province) to feed Nam Con Son Gas Processing Plant.

3. Phu My – Nhon Trach Pipeline System

With 40 km in length, 22 inches in diameter, the pipeline was put into operation in 2008 to provide gas for power plants in Nhon Trach, Hiep Phuoc and consumers along the pipeline. Its capacity is 2.0 billion cubic metres of gas per year (phase 1) and 3.8 billion cubic metres of gas per year (phase 2).

4. Phu My – My Xuan – Go Dau Low-Pressure Gas Pipeline System

Phase 1: 14” in diameter, 7 km in length,
Phase 2: 10” in diameter, 10 km in length.
The system started operation in early 2003 with diameter of 14 inches, length of 7 km and designed maximum capacity of 1 billion m3/year. At present, it is being operated with capacity of 700,000m3/day and night to provide gas for consumers in Phu My - My Xuan - Go Dau Industrial Parks.

5. PM3 CAA – Ca Mau Gas Pipeline System

The system was completed and operated in May 2007 to transport PM3 gas from the overlapping sea of Vietnam and Malaysia and 46-Cai Nuoc to Ca Mau to feed Power Plants of Ca Mau No.1 and No.2. The pipeline is 298 km offshore and 27 km onshore with designed capacity of 2.0 billion m3 of gas/year, pipe diameter 18 inches.

II. On-going projects

1. Block B – O Mon Gas Pipeline System

Block B – O Mon Gas Pipeline Project stretches for 406 km in total, of which 246 km lie offshore and 160 km onshore. It crosses Can Tho city and 4 provinces of Hau Giang, Kien Giang, Bac Lieu and Ca Mau. With total investment of US billion, the project is capable of transporting 18.3 million cubic meters per day and night (6.4 billion m3/year) to provide gas for Ca Mau gas-electricity-fertilizer cluster and power plants in O Mon, Can Tho. Completion of the project is expected in 2013.

2. Rong-Doi Moi Gas Gathering Pipeline Construction Project

The objective of the project is to gather gas and then compress associated gas in Rong – Doi Moi gas fields. The expected gas collection is about 2.6 billion cubic metres. Its completion is expected in the fourth quarter of 2010.

3. Gas Pipeline Project connecting East-West South region

The objective of the project is to ensure energy security, regulate and provide sustainable gas supply for big thermo-electricity centres in the East and West South region. At the same time, it aims at creating a possibility of connection with ASEAN gas supply network.

4. Nam Con Son Gas Pipeline Project No.2

The pipeline is built to transport gas from block 05-2, 05-3 and 04-3 with consideration of re-serving for other potential gas fields in Nam Con Son basin and importing gas later. The pipeline is planned to parallel existing Nam Con Son Pipeline with length of 330 km and expected completion in 2014.

Sustainable Development