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Many oil and gas enterprises are among the top 50 best listed companies in 2019

Forbes Vietnam has just announced the list of 50 best listed companies in Vietnam in 2019. In particular, many companies in the oil and gas industry are named in the list including GAS, PVT, POW, DPM, PVI.

Among them, Vietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS, MCK: GAS) appears in the list for the 7th time consecutively. PV GAS is one of the leading units of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group when it contributes about 22% of revenue and 28% of the whole group's profit in 2018. PV GAS is also one of the largest companies on the Stock Exchange. PV GAS manages four gas systems (Ham Rong - Thai Binh, Cuu Long, Nam Con Son and Ca Mau PM3), provides gas stably to produce nearly 30% of electricity output, nearly 70% of fertilizer demand, meets nearly 60% market share of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) nationwide. With crude oil price increasing by 28%, PV GAS’s revenue in 2018 increased by more than 17%. The company achieves 11,457 billion dong profit after tax, ranks third in the stock market following Vietcombank and Vinhomes.

PV GAS for the 7th consecutive time in the top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam

Listed in early 2019, this is the first time PetroVietnam Power Corporation (PVPower, MCK: POW) appears in the list. As the second largest electricity provider in the country (after EVN), PVPower owns eight power plants with a total design capacity of more than 4,000 MW, mostly electrification. Annually, PVPower provides more than 21 billion Kwh to the national grid, accounting for 11% of the national commercial electricity output. According to ACB Securities Company, the demand for electricity consumption in Vietnam continues to increase by 8-10% per year on average and it will help the electricity industry continue to grow by 2030. PVPower has also been granted approval by the government for Nhon Trach 3 and Nhon Trach 4 power plants with a total capacity of 1,500MW and they are expected to be built for electricity generation in 2023-2024.
As a member of PVN, PetroVietnam Transportation Company (PVTrans, MCK: PVT) is a marine shipping company that undertakes the entire oil transport for Dung Quat Oil Refinery, 30% of finished oil, 90 % of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), 10% of coal transportation market share and 10% of FSO market share, according to Ban Viet securities company. In 2018, seizing opportunities from the market, PVT implemented the rejuvenation of the fleet to improve operational efficiency, increased the total number of vessels from 18 to 25. 2018 is also the first year that PVT participates in the world's largest vessel supply market to transport crude oil from Kuwait to Vietnam, takes about 25% of production for Nghi Son oil refinery and invests international coal transport cargo for Vinh Tan thermal power plant. As a result, the company grew strongly in both revenue and profit after tax, respectively 23% and 46%.

PVPower appears in the list for the first time

According to statistics of Vietnam Forbes, 50 companies in the list obtain 127,530 billion dong in profit after tax, an increase of 19.2%. Total capitalization value of 50 companies is 94 billion USD, equivalent to 63% of the capitalization of the two listed stock exchanges in the middle of May 2019.

The group of leading companies has impressive growth. For example, after three consecutive years Vinamilk led the market in terms of profitability, in 2018 Vietcombank surpassed the dairy company, becoming the champion in terms of after-tax profit with a growth of 60%.
Particularly this year, the list recognizes the growth of private enterprises: Vingroup puts Vinhomes listed; ranks second in the market in terms of after-tax profit and is one of four companies with capitalization value of more than 10 billion USD.
In terms of the stock exchange, as usual, HSX dominates with 45 representatives, HNX has 5 representatives. This year's list has 13 changes, including 11 names for the first time, two companies return to the list.

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