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Thien Ung Field hits production milestone of 500 million m3 gas

At 1:15 am on 2nd August 2020, Vietsovpetro officially marked the event of obtaining 500 million m3 gas at Thien Ung field, Block 04-3 after nearly 4 years (1,322 days) of operation since the time of receiving the first gas and condensate flow (19th December 2016) to put into operation from well TU-6.

 Platform BK-TNG, Block 04-3

The project for developing Thien Ung field, Block 04-3, where water depth is 120m and 270km from Vung Tau City to the Southeast, is a component in the overall planning and development of the gas resources development project chain of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group. 500 million m3 of gas extracted from Thien Ung field is a milestone achieved in the context that Vietsovpetro faces many difficulties in operation, especially the issue of controlling high CO2 content in natural gas and requirements of limiting production in the regulation of the gas source of the Transferee in order to ensure transporting gas to the shore along pipeline 16A (Bach Ho - Dinh Co) with CO2 content less than 0.92% mole. Therefore, this milestone is significant and pride of Vietsovpetro team. 

Transporting jacket of platform BK-TNG to installation location in 2015

In the coming time, according to the plan, the product exploited from Thien Ung field will be transported through Sao Vang platform to the shore via Nam Con Son 2 pipeline - Phase 2. Then, the increase of CO2 content limit in the gas to 8% mole and that Vietsovpetro drills new wells will provide the Transferee with an estimated gas output of up to 2 million m3/day, to ensure the production plan and economic efficiency of the Project. 

Installing topside of platform BK-TNG in 2016

The commissioning of platform BK-TNG as well as ensuring to maintain safe and continuous operation of the platform from receiving the first gas flow has created the infrastructure to connect, promote developing exploration and production of gas-condensate fields in Nam Con Son basin area, Southern continental shelf of Vietnam; as well as provide an important contribution to ensuring national energy security and affirming the sacred sovereignty over the sea and islands of the country. The above results are obtained thanks to the close, and timely guidance, great support from leaders of all levels, leaders of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group and Zarubezhneft Joint Stock Company, especially the devoted, relentless contribution of many generations of Vietsovpetro cadres and experts.

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