Tạp chí Dầu khí số 6 (06/2022)

Petroleum Exploration & Production

Porosity prediction using fuzzy clustering and joint inversion of wireline logs: A case study of the Nam Con Son basin, offshore Vietnam

Impact of deposition and diagenesis on quality of sandstone reservoirs: A case study in Cuu Long basin, offshore Vietnam

Supervised machine learning application of lithofacies classification for a hydrodynamically complex gas - condensate reservoir in Nam Con Son basin

Activation of a non-eruptive well by using an electrical pump to optimise production

Design of continuous gas-lift for a dead well and step-up of its productivity

Assessing the effect of gas temperature on gas well performance

Petroleum Technologies

Micro/nanostructured ZnO-based superhydrophobic steel surface with enhanced corrosion protection

Oil & Gas Market


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