Tạp chí Dầu khí số 10 (10/2022)

Petroleum Exploration & Production

A quick comparison of Pliocene and Upper Miocene shale resources in northern, central and southern parts of Song Hong basin with reference to their gas potential

A machine learning approach for calibrating seismic interval velocity in 3D velocity model

A successful pilot application of the complex mixture surfactant polymer VPI SP to enhance oil recovery factor for the Lower Miocene, Bach Ho field

Analysing the effect of bedding plane orientation on the wellbore failure

Application of gas-assisted gravity drainage (GAGD) to improve oil recovery of Rang Dong basement reservoir

Petroleum Technologies

VPI-MLogs: A web-based machine learning solution for applications in petrophysics

Omniphobic carbon steel surface with good wax-repellent performance

Research & Discussion

A study on financial mechanisms to develop the power system in Vietnam

Integration of local knowledge in the development of environmental sensitivity maps

KPI as a tool to consolidate internal management competence - practice at PVEP

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