An overview of the gasohol market in Vietnam, the next direction?
Nghiem Thi Ngoan, Dao Minh Phuong, Pham Ba Nam - Vietnam Petroleum Institute . - Email: -


To ensure energy security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase agricultural output, the Vietnamese government has issued several policies to promote gasohol, resulting in remarkable achievements in gasohol development in recent years. However, unexpected limitations have been seen by other countries after a period of using this fuel such as air pollution, threats to food security, deterioration of natural forest area and severely depleted freshwater resources. This paper presents an overview of the current state of Vietnam's gasohol market and a brief analysis of policy, supply - demand - price information, from which some hindrances are identified and a few more optimistic directions to develop this type of fuel in the future are proposed.

Key words: Gasohol, ethanol, feedstock.

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