Orientations for efficient treatment and processing of high CO2 content natural gas resources in Vietnam
CO2-rich natural gas sources are popular in Vietnam, with their CO2 contents in the range of 10 - 60 mol%. Based on various CO2 contents of natural gas sources, a certain number of technologies are recommended for their wise uses. If the gas contains less than 10 mol% of CO2, it can be used where urea production. In the case where its CO2 content is up to 25 mol%, methanol and dimethyl ether (DME) production could be considered. Gas with CO2 content of up to 50 mol% could be a good feedstock for carbon nanotube (CNT) production. On the other hand, if gas contains more than 50 mol% of CO2, CO2 removal should be an option, and separated CO2 could be used as feedstock for production of various products, including methanol, DME, and CNTs.

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