Advanced technology utilising CO2-containing methane for production of CNTs and graphene and their applications
Nanotechnology in particular carbon nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene, is both technologically and commercially important. This is clearly seen from the amount of scientific and production activities in the last two decades. Carbon nanomaterials have been portrayed as the materials of the 21st century, in a similar manner that Si technology/information technology and petrochemicals have significantly contributed to the worldwide development in the last century. Such enthusiastic outlook with carbon nanomaterials comes from the extraordinary chemical and physical characteristics of the materials, which have inherent high chemical/thermal stability (700oC in air), high surface area (100m2/g to greater than 2000m2/g), high thermal conductivity (as high as 3000W/mK), high electrical conductivity (as high as 107S/m), and exceptional mechanical properties (Young’s Modulus at about 1000GPa). More importantly, many applications utilising these carbon nanomaterials have been widely demonstrat

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